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Asphalt & Pavement Solutions

Paving Contractor

MAC Asphalt division can supply your asphalt needs from beginning to end. MAC owns and operates a state-of-the-art asphalt plant located in Jeffersonville, Indiana which is staffed and maintained with experienced and licensed professionals in asphalt mix technology, design, and quality. MAC is a prequalified paving contractor with INDOT and KYTC to produce asphalt mix and laydown.

MAC Asphalt provides a full range of asphalt paving services including office developments, shopping centers, churches, schools, and parking lots; subdivision roads, and streets. All projects can include total site preparation provided through MAC’s construction division.  Asphalt mix produced by MAC can also be purchased by other contractors and owners and W Transfer, a sister company to MAC Construction, can provide hauling to customer’s project site.

The MAC Asphalt Plant is located in the Hanson-Atkins Quarry in Jeffersonville, Indiana, next to Interstate 65 making it convenient to any job sites in the Louisville, Kentucky metropolitan market and beyond.

1415 Quarry Road
Jeffersonville, IN 47130
Phone: 812-284-3400
Fax: 812-284-3083

Commercial Asphalt Contractor

MAC Asphalt has well over a century of note-worthy paving experience within the professional crew members on commercial projects.  From start to finish, MAC Asphalt is the choice producer, provider, and paving contractor for all asphalt customer’s needs.  Services include asphalt repair & maintenance, reconstruction, or complete site development.  With MAC Asphalt being affiliated with a highly diversified construction company, MAC Construction & MAC Asphalt is your single source from concept to completion for:

  • Roadways / Streets
  • Highways
  • Bridges
  • Parking lots
  • Shopping Centers
  • Subdivision / Developments
  • Office Complexes, Schools, Churches, Hospitals, Banks Hotels Fast Food
Large parking lot installed by asphalt contractor

Residential Paving Contractor

Our expertise as a paving company is not limited to large commercial paving jobs. We are a paving contractor that also paves asphalt and blacktop driveways in Louisville and Southern Indiana. When you hire MAC Asphalt to pave your asphalt driveway, you still receive our top-quality custom blacktop mixture that we produce at our asphalt plant in Jeffersonville, Indiana. If you have any questions about asphalt or the process of creating a new blacktop driveway, visit our contact us page and call or email us with any questions.

Driveway contractor installed blacktop driveway stamped to look like brick by a residential paving contractor.

Asphalt Rejuvenator & Preservation

In the world of decreasing budgets and increasing expenditures, roadway overlays can deplete an allocated budget for roadway maintenance. The best plan in any major maintenance program is to retain this money and allocate it for other needs. When developing and implementing a roadway preventative maintenance plan, you can restore, protect and prolong the existing pavement’s life. Lone Star Specialties’ WD-2000 Rejuvenator product will assist in achieving the goals that your program demands to attain as well as save time and money.

WD-2000 Asphalt Rejuvenator

MAC Asphalt is excited to introduce this highly sought-after application to the Indiana/Kentucky market. WD-2000 Asphalt Rejuvenator is your weather defense against harmful UV rays, water, petrochemicals, and air. These elements cause key oils to be removed which quickens the aging process of the asphalt and gives the asphalt the gray bleached out appearance. WD-2000 is durable.

Winter Asphalt Rejuvenation

During the winter months, the WD-2000 Rejuvenator acts as a shield of protection between the asphalt and snowplows and chemicals placed on the roadways. Furthermore, during thermal cycles, WD-2000 contracts and expands at the same rate as the asphalt. In comparison, coal-tar emulsions and other seal coats simply lay on the surface and undergo a distinctly differing expansion and contraction rate from asphalt. This eventually leads to cracking, pin-holing and delamination. In contrast, WD-2000 Asphalt Rejuvenation does not suffer from these problems.

Penetrating Asphalt Rejuvenation

The WD-2000 Asphalt Rejuvenator products have a dual process that allows it to become an integral part of the asphalt. The rejuvenating properties allow for oils in the product to penetrate and renew the properties of the asphalt all while lowering the viscosity and increasing the ductility of the existing asphalt while the top tars seal the asphalt’s surface from fuels, water, air, and the sun. This process not only extends the asphalt’s life cycle but also maintains the original road surface material. This extends curb appeal and extends maintenance dollars over the life of the pavement.

Asphalt Seal and Repair

Asphalt Seal Coating

Asphalt is made by mixing a combination of sand, rock, and liquid asphalt. The liquid asphalt is what binds all the ingredients together and keeps your asphalt surface tight and compact. However, the liquid asphalt breaks down over time due to UV rays, exposure to salt, chemicals, and other petroleum products. The breakdown of the glue causes the rocks and sand to no longer stay compact. The first sign of asphalt breakdown is the change in color. Colors would change from the initial dark black to gray.

Never let your asphalt surface get to the gray color. Asphalt seal coating is a very important key to prolonging the life of your asphalt. Sealcoating adds that liquid asphalt back into your asphalt surface, keeping the bond between your sand and rock intact.

Contact MAC Asphalt today to learn how we can save your asphalt surface.

Asphalt Crack Sealing

Cracks in your asphalt allow water to penetrate deep into your pavement’s surface. The water will wash away the important materials that keep your asphalt surface compact and bonded together. In the winter, water underneath your asphalt can freeze and expand, causing more cracks and destroying your asphalt.

Let MAC Asphalt save your asphalt surface. We can seal all the cracks and add life to your asphalt parking lot, roadway, or any other asphalt surface.

Asphalt Milling

Asphalt milling is the process of removing old, but 100% recyclable asphalt. Milling asphalt allows MAC Asphalt to remove just the part of the asphalt that needs to be replaced and not have to start from scratch. After the asphalt is milled down, a new layer of asphalt can be laid on top of the milled surface.

Milling asphalt can not only save time and money but allows all the removed asphalt materials to be recycled, not put in a landfill. Let MAC Asphalt save you time, money, traffic flow, and landfill space by milling your paved area and recycling the removed asphalt.

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